Herbal Remedies & Natural Remedies


In a modern world where prescription medications often carry a huge list of potential side effects, it is important that we look at the value of herbal remedies. Herbal remedies and natural medicine is starting to appeal to many people and it does indeed provide an appealing alternative to the large amounts of prescription drugs that we get every time we are sick, get diagnosed with a disease, or even have an anger problem.

Doctors are so fast to offer us a “quick fix” to our problems that they overlook the fact that they are overmedicating much of the population. Whether it is a child or adult that comes to them seeking guidance for an ailment that they have, they get their prescription pads ready to go immediately, instead of walking us through other safer and more natural alternatives.

In fact, as studies have shown, more and more people are looking to find their own methods to handle their ailments, and for good reason. Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years. It is not a new phenomenon, even though it has just recently come to light as an alternative to prescription drugs. In fact, many of the medicines that are given out by doctors of all types have herbal origins to them. Drugs that we use everyday such as aspirin and even penicillin were both derived from herbal medicines.

As you browse through the herbal medicines that are available take a look at what each one does for you. They aren’t miracle cures, but there are certain natural medicines that can take away symptoms of whatever is ailing you or help you feel better. It isn’t necessarily a cure all for your needs, but there is a reason that natural medicines have been used for so many years. The reason is that they work.

As with any herbal medicines it is wise to let your doctor know what you are taking. There could be adverse effects with some herbal remedies when they are mixed with prescription medication in a few cases. Although we don’t claim that everything will be safe with you, the chances are that you will find something that can alleviate your symptoms and keep you safer then traditional medicine.

The addition of natural medicine to your body will only serve to enhance it, and help you with your problems. With the rising cost of prescription medication, there are some that use herbal medicine simply because of the lowered cost, while others use it for religious reasons, while still others truly believe that natural is the best way to go. Whatever your reason for using herbal medication, you are making the right choice for your body and your peace of mind.

History is the best teacher as to the effectiveness of herbal remedies. For centuries, cultures throughout time have relied on the power of nature to treat practically every malady known to humankind. The world’s inhabitants from the beginning of time have used plants for just about everything to include medications. Those who used herbs in the early years of recorded history knew little about their healing attributes other than what they observed in wildlife. As time passed, they learned more about the power of natural remedies and as the world progressed into modern times they performed advanced research and scientifically proved their abilities.

Take for example Echinacea which was among the herbal remedies discovered to have attributes that could fight infection and boost the immune system, much like today’s modern antibiotics. Modern-day synthetic antibiotics, while extremely effective in killing harmful bacteria, also kill good bacteria that the body needs for digestion and to fight off yeast infections. This is not the case with Echinacea. Echinacea works by boosting T-cells that are critical for killing harmful bacteria within the bloodstream yet does not kill the good bacteria.

In other words, Echinacea boosts your immune system so that your body is more like it should be with a strong ability to fight off infections rather than killing them after the fact. All this about Echinacea was found after years of study and research thus attesting to the leverage history has on the effectiveness of herbal remedies.

It is well-known throughout the world that there is a crisis with today’s healthcare system. Whether it is government-sponsored healthcare or private network-based healthcare enterprises, there is no doubt that the costs to provide treatment have skyrocketed. The result is that even with modern advances in healthcare, the majority of the world’s population continues to have an inability to enjoy the benefits of these advances. This is because either most do not have the financial resources to afford synthetic medications or network healthcare plans refuse to carry them on their formularies and deny reimbursement.

However, with herbal remedies, the problem of unaffordable and out-of-reach healthcare is virtually non-existent. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that over two-thirds of the population is currently relying on the benefits of herbal medications as its primary source of treatment for ailments.

The reason is clear. The world is covered with plant life that today is well-known because of centuries of research and analysis as to its abilities to treat the maladies that plague humankind. Very little in terms of cost goes into the processing of herbal medications to get them to market. This is not so with synthetic pharmaceuticals as they incur not only manufacturing expense but also costs due to regulation, advertising, and research. Synthetic medicines even incur costs associated with lawsuits because of serious side effects unknown before putting them on the market. Clearly, more of the world’s inhabitants will say no to synthetic pharmaceuticals and take control of their health by choosing herbal remedies.