Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Child ADD

What Is Child ADD?

Commonly known as ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder in children is a group of symptoms that can affect a child’s life in a big way. They may have a loss of focus, concentration, and memory. They may have mood swings and social problems that leave them feeling isolated and alone. They also may have problems functioning on a daily basis. For a child, this can lead to a lifetime of heartache if not diagnosed and taken care of promptly.

Children’s ADD affects children under the age of 12. They may first be thought of as children who aren’t as intelligent as others, or who have learning disorders. But if they are not completing their homework, and get in trouble easily, it could be that they have ADD. ADD doesn’t just happen overnight. It could take months to get to this point, making it harder to diagnose then with adults. Their teacher may just think that they are inattentive rather than have a serious medical condition. Children with ADD often seem bored in school, and that could lead to other diagnoses. Children under the age of 5 should not try to be diagnosed with ADD because with the overall enthusiasm that children show for everything, often their “scattered” nature will show many symptoms of ADD.

When children are diagnosed with ADD, it is typical for them to immediately put on prescription medication. However, with so many medications available it is hard to pinpoint what will work for each child. Often the wrong dosage is given out or worse yet, prescription medication that bring on other side effects such as depression and even suicidal thoughts. In this case it is better to consider alternative treatment options such as herbal medicines that help and not hinder their symptoms. There are also ways to make simple changes in their lifestyle such as changing what they eat, how much they sleep, and making a regular routine for them. Even teaching them relaxation techniques such as yoga, and meditation will allow them to deal with their own shortcomings and allow them to learn how to retrain the brain so that they have more concentration and focus.

There are many natural remedies that can help the body maintain a more harmonious balance when dealing with the brain, body, and nervous system. There are rarely the side effects that you find with prescription medication, or the fatigue that you find with some of the most popular medications. Instead they are known for their supportive function for overall well-being.

With the use of herbal medicine you do not have to worry that you are neglecting your child by not giving them traditional medicine. In fact, it is the prescription medication that may do far worse things to the psyche and overall well-being.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Child ADD

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