Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Autism

What Is Autism?

Autism is becoming more well known because of the media attention that is being placed on it, and rightfully so. While some of us have heard of it, we only have a small idea of what it actually entails. In our minds we think that it is children that do not talk and only bang their head against walls and other objects, but there are so many more levels to Autism. Autism is a life long development disorder that affects the way a child interacts with the world around them. This includes problems with making friends, and interacting in social events. People with Autism find comfort in routine and repetition which explains some of their behavioral patterns.

As we stated, Autism affects children in different ways. This is where the confusion comes into play, since the signs vary so much. There is not cure for Autism, since it is a neurological disorder that creates differences in the shape and structure of the brain. There are showings that Autism is transferred genetically, although the exact genes that are involved are unclear. It has also been shown that Autism is created through certain triggers such as problems in pregnancy, viral infections, and allergies to certain foods. There is a huge amount that we still need to learn about Autism to be able to start to find out how to stop it before it happens.

Autism is diagnosed based on certain tests that include development and social testing. Since the signs vary so much from child to child, diagnosis also is based on observation by parents and other caregivers. They look for different impairments in the social aspects of their child’s life, as well as communication skills that may not be age appropriate. All of this can include lack of eye contact, resisting physical touch, delayed language, repetition of phrases and words, repetitive behavior, rituals, sensitivity to light or sounds, and repetitive movements such as rocking.

The best course of treatment for Autism is obviously the one that works the best, but that varies among children. The earlier the treatment can begin the better chance the child has of living a productive and normal life. Against what some physicians have said, prescription medication is most certainly not the best course of action. Natural remedies for children have been shown to work far better in some cases. Herbal medicine can help the body and brain reach a natural harmony without the side effects that traditional prescriptions bring to a child.

Along with educational and therapeutic approaches, Autism can be reversed to a point that a child can learn to retrain their brain. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration, behavior modification, and speech therapy are all part of these natural approaches. Herbal remedies can include certain vitamins and mineral supplements that improve the overall functioning of people with Autism. Even nutritional supplements can help a person with Autism in a better way then prescription medication that often just mask the typical symptoms.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Autism

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