Natural Herbal Remedies For Body Cleansing

What is Body Cleansing

Body cleansing is the process of removing the toxins that have accumulated in the body due to improper diets, unhealthy living and factors in the environment. It is an effective way of repairing the system and revitalizing the soul. It works to flush out the impurities to give that glowing, healthy feel back to your body.

Body cleansing can give you a boost, especially when you have eaten too much of the wrong kind of food, or have taken too much alcohol. It is also a great way to purify the system after you have quit smoking, drinking, or using drugs. The remaining poisons that have accumulated over time and linger on the fatty tissues can still be removed with body cleansing, even if many years have already passed after having given up the habit.

It is also recommended for people with sedentary lifestyles. Lack of exercise only helps toxins to thrive in the body, even if eating the right kind of food and avoiding alcoholic beverages is strictly followed.

This is not to say that physically and outwardly healthy people, or those who lead relatively healthy ways of life, do not need body cleansing. We are all exposed to toxins and chemicals everyday. Pollutants are everywhere, even if we cannot see them. They are in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

A general feeling of “unwellness” is a sure sign of a high level of toxicity. It can be accompanied by headaches, fatigue and irritability. Although the body has a natural ability to detoxify itself, long term abuse – alcohol and drug use, and unhealthy eating habits – can affect its performance, and for this reason the body may require additional help from us.

A good way to start the act of body cleansing is by seeking the help of natural remedies. It can be a relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils, a leisurely walk in the forest or a refreshing drink of herbal tea. During this time, condition your mind and try to connect with your inner-self. Think positive thoughts about your treatment. You will be surprised at the benefits that these meditation-like practices can bring.

Herbal remedies are also available. For centuries, the herbs fennel and dandelion have been used to revitalize the liver, thus helping the body detoxify itself better. Pelargonium reniforme is another herbal ingredient that works in much the same way, with the added function of supporting the liver in full body detoxification while eliminating fat. Other herbal ingredients, such as Cinnamomum cassia, Althea officinalis, Cascara sagrada (bark), and Plantago psyllium (seeds), work to cleanse the bowel and serve as a tonic for the digestive system.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Body Cleansing

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