Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Bulimia

What Is Bulimia?

Bulimia is an eating disorder that affects many people in our society and around the world. Characterized by eating large amounts of food at once and then vomiting it up to get rid of it, Bulimia has been a struggle for many people since they were in their young teens. It is the binging of food that starts simply by want to eat a lot but not wanting to gain weight, so many people choose to either self induce their vomit, or they use laxatives, exercise, or diuretics to rid their body of the food that they just ate, which is called purging.

Bulimia Nervosa, the official name of binging and purging, brings a large amount of shame to the people who are doing this to their bodies. Usually Bulimia comes from an inner pain such as a need for control, or guilt. The self induced binging and purging help to relieve themselves of some of the shame and guilt that they feel that makes them do this. Although Bulimia is different then Anorexia in the way that people eat large amounts of food before getting rid of it, rather than not eating at all, but it is similar because people with eating disorders are usually trying to get control over something in their lives. Both know that it is not normal, and there is often a lot of shame involved, but they can’t stop from doing it.

Bulimia starts off innocently enough, usually for women in their teens that are unhappy with their body and their self esteem. It has a lot to do with the standards in which they feel that they need to obtain to be happy. This means that they want to be slim and pretty because they feel that it is encouraged by everyone around them. It is much more of a self esteem issue then anything else. The problem for Bulimics is that even after binging and purging, they so often do not attain the thin figure that they are hoping for which causes this disease to go on long after it should.

The early you seek help for someone with bulimia the better the results will be. The most important part of treating Bulimia is to treat the underlying emotional issues. Natural remedies are the best way to do this because there are so many side effects that can actually worsen the condition if you use prescription medication. Herbal remedies help with the anxiety and depression that is associated with Bulimia. Soothing the mind from anxiety and tension is a great place to start. For this there are many herbal medicines such as Passiflora Incarnata and St. John’s Wort. With fewer burdens on the pressured minds of teenage girls, they are able to have a healthier outlook on their life which lessens the effects of Bulimia.

Therapy, either individual or group, can be extremely beneficial for people with Bulimia. It is very difficult to stop completely on your own, so the extra help associated with therapy will really address and retrain the way of thinking for someone who has Bulimia.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Bulimia

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