Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Claustrophobia

What Is Claustrophobia?

The definition of Claustrophobia is the intense fear of being trapped in a small or confined space. For any people, this is a real and debilitating disorder that can affect them throughout their day. They fear that they will not have enough oxygen to breathe and they will not be able to escape a small space. A person who is inflicted with Claustrophobia often has great anxiety and difficulty breathing leading to real symptoms that take the form of panic or anxiety attacks when put into a situation in which they fear that they cannot get out of. It is a phobia that can affect anyone, but obviously, some people have a much harder time dealing with it.

People with minor Claustrophobia have problems sitting in movie theaters without looking for an exit, entering an elevator, or flying in an airplane. For people with severe Claustrophobia, people can’t be in rooms with the door closes, or go into crowded spaces without an exit in plain sight that they can get to. A quick escape is always on their mind for people who suffer high Claustrophobia. It can be extremely difficult living with this disorder because it limits them in what they can and cannot do during any given day. They may not be able to take a job that they want because it is on the top floor of a building in which they can’t walk to, or they may not be able to fly to see relatives in another part of the country.

However, for whatever limitations Claustrophobia sets, you need to know that it is treatable and you can get over the panic you feel in small spaces. The first step in treatment is to acknowledge that you have a problem so that you can see someone about it immediately. A psychologist is the person that can help you will your phobia and start to teach you techniques to overcome it. If Claustrophobia is only one part of your disorder then before you can clear up your fear of small spaces, you also have to deal with the other phobias that are affecting your life.

Natural remedies along with counseling are an excellent way to rid your self of this debilitating disorder. A holistic approach would include therapeutic treatment, as well as natural remedies, along with relaxation techniques. You can start by taking some herbal remedies that can help relieve some of your anxiety. There are certain herbs that have very soothing effects such as Passiflora Incarnata, Scullcap, and Valerian which can help with being able to face your fear and deal with the exposure to small spaces. St. John’s Wort may also work well for someone with Claustrophobia because it helps to restore serotonin levels which reduce your overall anxiety. It gives you a calmness that in turn gives you the confidence to face your fear. Herbal remedies, along with therapy can help you overcome even something as strong as Claustrophobia so that you can start to experience life again.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Claustrophobia

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