Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Exam Nerves

What Are Exam Nerves?

Exam nerves are another way to say that you are having test anxiety. Test anxiety is the type of anxiety that can affect your test taking abilities because you are so nervous either before, during, or after a test. It is an issue that most children are affected by at some point, but it is the different levels of anxiety that can really tell you if you are having a serious anxiety problem.

Having some anxiety is completely normal, and is really a part of life. Usually anxiety is a good thing because it lets you feel the adrenaline you need to concentrate and do a good job. When anxiety goes past the simple butterflies in your stomach though, you need to look at various ways to overcome your nervousness that may interfere with your test taking abilities. If not, you may continually have difficulty taking tests and you may continue to score poorly, no matter how much you have studied.

There are two types of anxiety that you can feel. Anticipatory refers to the stress that you experience while studying and when thinking about taking the Exam Tests. Situational refers to the feeling of anxiety during the test or any situation in which can cause you distress, or concentration difficulties. When someone has severe anxiety they tend to have symptoms such as feeling irritable, getting frustrated, a feeling of dread or hopelessness, trouble sleeping the night before, inability to remember facts during the test, excessive yawning, upset stomach, asthma attacks, a dull feeling in the mind, or trouble organizing thoughts. There are many more symptoms or feelings that you may feel, all leading to poor performance on the test.

If you feel that your anxiety is not just typical of being a little nervous, then you may want to talk to someone about it. It is best to seek help from your parents, guidance counselors, or other caregivers that can talk to you about what you are feeling. There might be strategies to put into place to develop improved test taking skills, and to help you learn how to study. Another way to overcome test anxiety is to follow a few natural remedies in order to balance out your body and your mind. Relaxation, exercise, good nutrition, yoga, positive self talk, meditation all can work wonders for your anxiety.

There are many natural remedies in case a doctor suggests putting you on prescription medication. Although it may be needed in very severe cases, often natural medicines work just as well with no side effects. Herbs such as Passiflora Incarnata, St. John’s Wort, Ginseng, and Valerian are excellent herbs that can work with your body to relax you and allow you to overcome your anxiety. There are other holistic therapies such as acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and reflexology. It is a more spiritual and peaceful way to overcome the anxiety so that you are better prepared to take the tests, and so that you will do better on them.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Exam Nerves

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