Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Eye Strain

What Is Eye Strain?

Eye strain is fairly common, but very uncomfortable if you experience it for long periods of time. It causes your eyes to become tired, and the muscles in your eyes to be overused. With the increased use of computers, many people have eye strain simply because as our eyes are designed to shift focus between near and distant objects, so when using the computer a lot, you tend to stay focused on only one area.

You can have eye strain doing almost anything that you normally do, if you are doing it for long periods of time. Things like reading, watching television, or anything that requires focus on one object, can place a huge strain on your eye muscles. That then causes your eyes to become dry, irritated, and uncomfortable. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, this could also cause eye strain, so if you are noticing a sensitivity to light then you should certain visit a doctor to see if that could be the cause. Whether or not you notice problems with your eyes, you should get an annual eye exam to rule out any eye disorders, or to be able to treat one quickly if you have one.

As far as eye strain is concerned you may have other symptoms and not realize that they may be related. Certain symptoms such as headaches, pain in the eye, red or watery eyes, blurred vision, neck aches, back aches, heaviness of the eyelids, muscle spasms in the area surrounding the eye, or a twitch in the eyelid are all caused by eye strain. You will also notice eye strain because these symptoms are usually not present when you wake up in the morning and will only happen as the day progresses. The more you read or use the computer, the worse the symptoms will become.

The best way to treat strained eyes is to make sure that they are always moisturized. You can do this by using over the counter eye drops, but in some cases this can worsen the condition especially as people tend to overuse them because they think that they can’t harm you. Instead, you should consider natural remedies that can also work to promote healthy vision rather than just dealing with the symptoms. The best way to avoid eye strain again is to strengthen your eyes, strengthen the blood capillaries in the eye, as well as prevent further sensitivity.

This can be done through gentle and natural medicines such as natural eye drops that have essential nutrients in them, as well as with the herb Bilberry. Bilberry, Rooibos, and Sutherlandia Frutescens can all work to promote overall eye health, and allow oxygen and nutrients to circulate freely to the eye. They also build capillary strength. It is important that you do not take your eyes for granted, as they are two of your most important assets.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Eye Strain

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