Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Fear of Flying

What are the Symptoms and Cures for a Fear of Flying?

Fear of flying is the emotional restriction that stops an individual from flying by air travel. With lots to see and people to visit, it can be a serious problem for many people who have this phobia. In scientific terms, the fright of air travel is referred to as aviophobia. With today’s modernized world, business opportunities and family events require us to travel by air, but for those who deal with this emotional phobia, it can be a very restrictive boundary to cross. The thought of flying gives these individuals visible and emotional symptoms, which are sometimes connected to anxiety.

The following are the most common symptoms of the fear of flying.

Elevated Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
Headaches, Dizziness and Motion Sickness
Shortness of Breath or Heavy Breathing
Trembling, Shaking and Dry Mouth
Sweaty Palms or Overall Bodily Perspiration
An individual that has to take a flight will try his/her best to avoid it at all costs. At a point like this, they are not thinking clearly, as their only goal is to avoid air travel. For those who have absolutely no choice but to take a flight, they will show signs of anxiety, stress and nervousness. Depending on how severe the fear is, they may start vomiting while in the flight as it takes off. People who have aviophobia are sometimes asked to be prepared for these symptoms, as they may disturb other travelling passengers.

Everyone is different and there are various reasons that explain why someone might be afraid of flying. Some people are afraid of flights because of past experiences that may have happened, while others are afraid due to the stories they have heard about flights and flying. Today, a vast number of people are still dealing with the fear of flying after what happened with the 9/11 hijackings and bombings, which was a major devastation that affected thousands of people.

In terms of cures for fear of flying, you can look into various different paths, such as medical therapy, homeopathic remedies and psychiatric therapy. Depending on the type of person, they may or may not like the idea of talking to someone about their phobia. In this case, it is best to stick with medical therapy and natural remedies. These medications work towards reducing the stress and anxiety level in the body, which helps deal with the overall fright. Being frightened of something or someone is an emotional instinct that could be controlled through behavioural therapy, but it takes several months to see positive results.

Find the root cause of your specific problem is the only way you can treat it effectively. You need to find out what it is that scares you about flying. When you know what is bugging you, it would allow you and those around you to be of better help in curing the phobia. A common problem for many is turbulence, which causes a lot of stress in people who have aviophobia. In order to cope with turbulence, you might want to consider booking a seat near the front, so that it possesses less of an effect. Overall, fear of flying is a common phobia among millions of people and fortunately enough, it is curable.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Fear of Flying

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