Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Floaters

What Is Floaters?

The term floaters refer to the small spots that pop up in your line of vision from time to time. Floaters cast shadows over the retina which is the light sensitive inner layer of the eye. This in turn sends signals to the brain resulting in an image being seen. You may see small specks that move slowly before your eyes, or you could see dots, threads, or even what is called a cobweb. All of these are clear gel-like fluids called a vitreous humor which is located inside of your eye. They may come and go as you try to focus on something in particular, or they may stay right in your line of vision. They are not serious, just more annoying than anything. They eventually become less noticeable over time.

The people that are most like to see floaters are the elderly and people with nearsighted vision. Especially common with people with nearsighted vision is the fact that these vitreous can shrink and actually detach from the retina, which causes a small amount of bleeding. Floaters that begin to bleed because of an abnormal growth of blood vessels instead of just a detachment can lead to hemorrhaging in the eyes which can become very serious.

A floater is relatively easy to diagnose, since it is not something common that you usually see in your vision. Besides seeing spots you may also see a light flash which is a false sensation that light is flashing in your eye. They may occur while your eyes are open or closed, and they last for a very short period of time. These occur quite a bit in the elderly as well, and may be a sign of a detached retina. Although they are usually benign it could be a cause of a major problem such as hemorrhaging due to Diabetes, high blood pressure, or Uveitis which is a type of eye inflammation.

As the eyes age when you start to get older, floaters happen more frequently. If they do increase, or worsen in any way, it is advisable to see your eye doctor to have it treated as quickly as possible if it is a symptom of a more serious eye problem. However in most cases, no treatment is necessary. You can try to move your eye around or up and down to move the floaters in order to get some relief from the floaters. There are also some natural remedies that are beneficial in treating floaters. If they are very bothersome or annoying then you can do hypnosis, acupuncture, as well as herbal medicines in order to effectively remove them.

Bilberry is one herb that is extremely effective in improving the circulation in the blood vessels which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your eye. Rooibos can also add the benefits of maintaining eye health as you age. Sutherlandia Frutescens has antioxidants to help with eye strength as well.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Floaters

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