Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Frigidity

What Is Frigidity?

Frigidity is a word that refers to the low sexual drive of a woman. Granted it is not always used in the proper way, and is said to refer to a woman who is emotionally cold when it comes to sexual advances. However, it really is just a lack of desire that can be caused by a medical or psychological condition. It can be linked to your subconscious or it could be because of other issues that make you avoid sexual intimacy. In fact, it can even be due to finding no pleasure in the act of lovemaking. Whatever the reason for the low libido, frigidity can be very frustrating for the woman who feels as well as for the people in the relationships with her.

Frigidity doesn’t just happen overnight. It is progressive and usually there is a cause behind it, whether it is physical or mental. The best person to talk to if you think this could be happening to you is your physician. If they rule out any medical causes then they can recommend a gynecologist, or a counselor in order to get to the root of the problem. As we stated, there are many causes of frigidity, and really it is dependant on the person. Sexuality is more than just the act of sex. It is about the emotions and behaviors behind it as well such as romance, intimacy, feelings of sensuality, and desire. These feelings cannot be turned on and off when one person wants to be intimate and the other does not.

Past traumatic sexual experiences such as rape or incest may be to blame. Another cause could be emotional distance from someone you used to love, or even communication problems with someone you still love. Maybe you have low self esteem or lack the self confidence to feel comfortable having sexual intercourse with your partner. The physical causes may be as simple as vaginal dryness or as serious as damage to your nerves during trauma or surgery. There are other causes such as the side effects from prescription medication, exhaustion, pain during intercourse, or gynecological problems. There is no right answer for everyone so it is important that if you do have a lack of desire that you look at what could be the cause of it.

When you find the actual problem you need to address that first and hopefully the sexual desire will come back on its own. However, during that time you can increase your sexual desire through natural medicines that help with your hormonal balance. Certain herbal remedies such as Gentiana Lutea Radix Powder, Turnaria Aphrodisiaca, and Sarsaparilla work to increase your sexual hormones and increase your sexual desire. They are natural so that they are safe, and will allow you a natural feeling of desire rather than a false one that can lead to more problems as many prescription medications do. It is best to handle the underlying problem as well, but in the meantime, a natural remedy may do the trick to getting you back on the right track to sexual happiness.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Frigidity

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