Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Gravel

What are the Symptoms & Cures of Kidney Stones(Gravel)?

Gravel, which is also referred to as kidney stones, is small crystal like stones which are formed from salts found in the urine. The size of a single stone will differ in size, as it could be as small as a sand grain or as large as a six millimeter stone. These grains of salt crystals are formed in the kidney and they flow through the path of urine. When passing urine, these grains will try to pass along with them, which would be severely painful. In some cases, these grains end up blocking the urinary path, causing tons of pressure and pain, as the bladder is filled up with lots of urine. Diagnostic tests are performed to see whether an individual has gravel or another condition.

You will be able to feel or witness the symptoms of kidney stones when you see them, because it is quite painful. The following are the common symptoms you would notice;

Passing Blood with Urine
Small Grains in the Urine
Increased Impulse to Urinate
Back Pain and/or Abdomen Pain
The cause of gravel has been linked to a number of reasons, including hereditary connections. If you have a family history of kidney stones, it may be a possible cause for why you may have developed it. Other common reasons as to why you may see this condition are due to low liquid intake, low volume of urination, and high calcium concentration in the urine, urinary infections and obesity. These are just some of the commonly seen cases where people have developed kidney stones, as there are other possible causes as well.

When kidney stones have started forming in the kidney, there would be some that remain there while others move into the bladder and into the urinary tract. Once the gravel moves into the urinary tract, it would need to fully pass out during urination. In most cases, grains that are about four millimeters wide would pass freely without any problem or pain. However, crystal grains that are larger than four millimeters would cause pain while passing urine. In severe cases, it is advisable to actually remove the stones through operation, as it would cause further health complications in the future. These are done by an incision based surgical procedure and usually require a few days stay at the hospital.

The possible cures for kidney stones include oral medications, natural remedies, injections and inhalers. Laser surgeries also provide a great way of removing kidney stones without a severe surgical procedure, which is something many patients prefer. Likewise, herbal medications provide an overall wellness benefit as well as curing your condition. Homeopathic remedies have become a safe and non addictive way to cure kidney stones among other common health complications. You can also choose to go by other forms of treatment options such as hydrotherapy, routine exercise and body cleansing. Now that you have a firm understanding of the symptoms and cures of gravel, you’d be able to make better decisions in choosing a qualified remedy.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Gravel

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