Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Grave’s Disease

What Is Grave’s Disease?

Grave’s Disease, a disease that affects about 5 people in every 10,000 people is an autoimmune disease that causes antibodies to over stimulate the thyroid gland. This can lead to an enlargement or excess production of the thyroid hormone. Common in women between the ages of 20 and 40, it occurs in children and the elderly as well. Grave’s ‘ disease is very complex and can be caused by hereditary genes, but it may also be due to physical trauma, weight reduction, and viral illnesses.

They symptoms of Grave’s disease varies but usually is caught during a routine physical exam. By doing a simple blood test your doctor can measure your thyroid hormone levels to see if you have particularly low levels of thyroid stimulating hormones which may indicate that you have Grave’s Disease. Some of the various symptoms are enlarged thyroid gland, weight loss, nervousness, irritability, extreme fatigue, double vision, bulging eyes, intolerance to hot weather, muscle weakness, rapid pulse, menstrual irregularities, diarrhea, and hot or moist skin.

Usually caused by a malfunctioning of the immune system, antibodies that are supposed to protect the body against infection and bacteria attack the thyroid gland instead. This causes the gland to produce the excess thyroid hormone. This can be triggered by numerous factors such as sex, age, smoking, radiation, or inherited genes. It can affect many parts of your body such as your lungs, nervous system, digestive and reproductive systems, as well as your muscles, hair, nails, and skin.

There are various treatments that can help with you levels of thyroid hormones and can reduce the symptoms found in Grave’s’ disease. Depending on your age, overall health, and the size of your thyroid gland there may be different remedies that you could use. If left untreated, it could be very serious to your health so it is best to treat it immediately. Conventional treatment includes anti thyroid drugs, beta blockers, and surgery. There is even radical thyroid treatment which is very controversial. Before considering any of these treatments you may want to look at the natural and safer treatments that are available.

Natural remedies include homeopathic treatments and herbal remedies. A combination of herbs such as Bugleweed, Lemon Balm, Stephania Root, and Motherwort has been used for centuries to help support the thyroid function. They can take away the uncomfortable symptoms and allow you to start producing normal amounts of the thyroid hormone. Along with changes in what you eat, and lifestyle changes such as stress reducers can help you start to feel normal again without the unhealthy side effects of prescription medication or surgery.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Grave’s Disease

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