Natural Herbal Remedies For HIV Cure

What Is HIV?

HIV is a virus that affects the immune system and its ability to protect the body. When someone contracts this human immunodeficiency virus, their immune system becomes compromised which causes other infections and illnesses to arise. The virus is only the starting point in a long and harsh battle, as this turns into the complete inability to defend the body, most often known as AIDS. In many cases, the time period between contracting the virus and getting AIDS is about ten to fifteen years. When HIV turns into AIDS, it becomes a severe threat for the body causing detrimental effects.

The virus is known to spread through one or more forms of contact, mainly relating to transmission through the bloodstream. The virus itself will not survive when it is on the body, as it needs a source of energy to live off of. The following are the most common ways for the human immunodeficiency virus to spread,

  • Sexual intercourse
  • The use of needles that haven’t been chemically sterilized
  • Sharing needles
  • Physical contact with someone who is bleeding

The good news for many is that you can take preventative steps in staying away from the virus. By practicing safe sex with your partner, it would considerably reduce the chances of spreading the virus. The use of condoms during sexual intercourse is a much needed practice, as it lowers the possibility of spreading HIV to someone else, or potentially getting it yourself. The virus is not a very contagious one, as it is primarily contracted through sexual activities and consistent blood contact. Knowing this, people can stay away from the possibility of contracting the human immunodeficiency virus by taking preventative care.

The following early symptoms of the virus are seen several weeks after the time of contagion,

  • Low Energy, Fatigue
  • Headache, Nausea
  • Joint, Muscle, Back Pain
  • Dry Throat
  • Rashes

It is advised that you not wait to see symptoms to actually go see a doctor, as some people don’t even show any symptoms within the developing stages of the virus. If you feel that you have caught the virus, you could have a human immunodeficiency virus test done at a hospital to know for sure. When the tests come back as negative and you notice that the symptoms still persist; the doctor would want you to come back for another test in a few weeks. Depending on the person, the virus takes time to spread within the system, so waiting it out is the best solution.

HIV treatment is provided for patients who have done tests that came out positive for the virus. Medical treatments don’t necessarily help with completely curing the disease, but rather preventing it from spreading across the body. A common form of medication used by a patient who has this virus would be antiviral medication, which also reduces the symptoms you experience. Among medical therapies, you could also consider herbal remedies which help treat the human immunodeficiency virus. Through the use of proper dosages of herbal medications, you would be able to reduce the affects of HIV on your immune system.

Natural Herbal Remedies For HIV

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