Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Hysteria

What Is Hysteria?

Hysteria is used to describe someone who has severe anxiety, anger management disorders and the lack of self control. The commonly used name today for this condition is somatisation disorder. These conditions are seen in people when they go through devastating events in their life, which possesses a level of emotional distress on the individual. Emotional events such as the loss of a loved one would cause severe loss of self control, often regarded as one of the symptoms of hysteria.

The term is often thrown around in everyday conversations when people say, “he was hysterical” meaning he was extremely funny. The actual relevance in the terms differs, as the condition has no relation to being funny. In someone who shows a sign of this disorder, you would see the following symptoms,

  • Loss of Self Control
  • Sever Anger, Frustration and Depression
  • Anxiety or Stress, Loss of Breath
  • Shaky, Headache, Dizziness
  • The Feeling of an Elevated Heart Rate

Depending on how severe the emotional distress may be in an individual, they may show mild or severe symptoms. When someone is completely out of hand, they will only be controllable by using force, as they’ll do anything to make a fit. It is not only adults who go through this stage, but rather children as well. Children from a young age will throw temper tantrums and in extreme cases, they will show some of the symptoms we’ve mentioned above. When you try to talk with individuals who have this disorder, they will be very restrictive to talking to you, which could lead to violence on their part.

There are two parts in diagnosing hysteria among children and adults. The first stage is getting a complete medical test done, which would outline any form of illness or medical instability. If in the event the patient becomes positive for a typical illness, the doctor would first work towards treating it, as it may be a cause for the somatisation disorder. However, if the patient shows no problem in terms of their overall health, the next step is to seek advice from a trained psychiatrist. A psychiatrist would require that the patient go through a mental evaluation to see if there is disorder affecting them.

In some special cases, you would notice that past physical experiences have turned into emotional and physiological disorders. These patients are always looking for reassurance concerning their problems and when they don’t find any; it turns into the symptoms of hysteria. A number of related disorders such as pain disorder, conversion disorder and personality disorder all relate with the known condition, making certain situations very stressful for the patient.

In curing the disorder, you can use medical therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and natural supplements. The use of herbal remedies has become very popular as it’s used to treat similar conditions such as anxiety and stress. Stress relieving methods help for those who constantly feel like they deal with frustration, as without treatment, it could lead to mental health problems. Homeopathic remedies are a non-addictive and safe way to cure hysteria without the possible side effects.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Hysteria

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