How To Treat Jaw Tension?

How To Treat Jaw Tension?

Jaw tension is described as the feeling you get when there is an increased amount of tension in the jaw joint. There is a painful sensation you would feel near the point where your jawbone meets with the skull. At this focal point; there is a high level of tension which pulls both bones together causing what’s known as the temporomandibular joint disorder. This disorder does not only arise due to stress within the joints, but through stretched ligaments around the jawbone. Jaw tension is common among women, but it could happen to anyone at any age, as it’s not specific to certain DNA or genetic gene structuring.

If you have this problem, you may be experiencing problems with opening or closing your mouth, as the tension would just build up. Additionally, it would be quite the task when it comes to eating hard foods, as your teeth would be grinding and jaws would be clicking. The jaw itself would be a little stiff, so even the slightest movement would hurt you. So, how does this jaw joint disorder come about? Well, the following are the common causes of jaw tension,

  • Poor Posture, Poor Eating Habits
  • Clenching Jaws
  • Sleep Disorders, Stress
  • Jaw Bone Fractures or Arthritis

Have you noticed that you are clenching your jaws at night while you sleep or even during the day? This could be a very good reason as to why you are having such joint paints in the jaw. When you are sleeping, you need to try to relax your mouth and leave it rest at its original position. During the day, keep your mouth relaxed, with minor rotational exercise routines. This does not mean you have to keep your mouth open, but just make sure that you aren’t clenching it all the time. If you continue to clench your jaws, the best solution may be to get a mouth guard from a dentist. A mouth guard would ensure that your bite is aligned and in perfect order.

Other common causes associated with why someone might experience pain in the jaw are due to poor posture and the inability to relax. When you are sitting or walking, make sure that your back is straight and that your ears are aligned with the shoulders. Today, many people walk around in a slouched position where the neck is leaning forward. If the same posture continues; it could lead to tension in the joints and possibly long lasting pain with the muscles. Jaw tension could be cured through the use of herbal and conventional medical treatments.

When you visit a doctor, he/she would prescribe a medical solution, but when going about it on your own; you might want to consider your options with homeopathic remedies. These herbal treatments help by easing the pain the joint, so that you feel much more relaxed. Over time, the use of herbal supplements would give your bones stronger ligament structures, as these supplements include good source of calcium as well. When considering treatment options for jaw tension, make sure that it is safe and effective in treating the problem at the core.

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