Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Night Terrors

What Are Night Terrors?

A night terror is regarded as a form of sleep disorder, where the individual is unable to sleep due to feelings of fright and terror. This is commonly seen in children, as they have a very loose state of mind. The most noticeable symptoms a parent would notice are crying, screaming, yelling, child insomnia and the fear of going to bed alone. This feeling occurs when the child is in a very strong state of sleep and when suddenly, they would be terror-struck by a frightful thought. In the middle of the night children would either be yelling, screaming or rolling around on the bed, but they may very well still be asleep. The next morning, the child would have absolutely no remembrance of what had happened!.

When children experience this frightful feeling during sleep, it is not associated with dreams. The terror that arises from dream sleep is known as nightmares. Nightmares actually leave the child with some recollection of what had happened in the dream. Children with nightmares would be able to wake up in the middle of the night and run to their parents, as they have complete recollection of what occurred. Night terrors aren’t brought upon by dreams but rather by deep sleep frights, which limits their ability to remember what happened. The only way you would be able to know if a child has this condition is by listening or watching them sleep.

In diagnosing the condition, a medical professional would first ask you about the symptoms you have been noticing. It is important that you say everything you hear and see, as it will be used in the complete diagnosis of the condition. If there is a medical related issue that has been causing the night-frights; it will be identified through a health examination. Other forms of therapy tests and brain scans are also available in getting more information about what is going on in the child. In most conditions, this feeling of sleep terror is seen most often in children between the age of one and six, but it could happen during later years.

Since night terrors have been known to dissipate over time, there isn’t a major treatment process that helps in curing or preventing it. However, there are other sleep aid tips that you could do for the child in order for them to help cope with the terrors at night. Sleeping with the child as they go to sleep is a huge comfort for them and it could possibly reduce the effects of nightly terrors. Seeing something frightful, scary, painful or violent during the course of the day may be another reason as to why the child may be experience such feelings. By working to treat the underlying cause, you may be able to prevent future frights.

Over the years, a number of medical treatments have been developed to treat stress and anxiety. Parents are always stressed out when they have to give their children medications for such things as sleep terrors, especially when there may be signs of side effects. For this reason, it is always safe to resort to herbal remedies as they have no side effect. Additionally, there are some homeopathic remedies that help cure night terrors in children.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Night Terrors

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