Natural Herbal Remedies For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Children

What are Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Children?

Obsessive compulsive disorder in children is characterized by constant feelings of obsessions over the same things. It is indeed related to anxiety in children, which arises when they are put through new situations, such as when they start school for the first time. As children don’t have a lot of experience with expressing their feelings, they would often not be able to communicate their feelings with others. Instead, this causes them to exhibit anxiety like behaviours.

OCD occurs in youngsters very early in their child development cycle and it could be brought on for a number of reasons. Obsessing about the same thing over and over again would cause this disorder to start developing and eventually it would start affecting the child’s ability to get by with school.

Obsessing about the same thing is not the only thing causing OCD, but so is repetitive actions. When children are found doing things over and over again for no apparent reason, it brings a certain degree of concern for the parents. This in fact is a type of OCD condition that is found in both children and adults. In some cases, the children are fully aware of their repetitive actions, but they would be seriously out of focus if they do not continue with what they are doing. Breaking this habit is extremely hard for them, and the younger kids will definitely throw temper tantrums over disruption.

When conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder in children is not treated with time, it will lead to severe psychological issues that lead to extremely dangerous instincts. People who go through these stages are prescribed with psychiatric drugs with hopes of curing the condition at a psychological level. During diagnosis, the child would be asked to meet with a child specialist who understands the developing mind, where the child would be asked a series of questions about themselves and anything that may be on their mind. Since it is not effective to jump to the main issue on the first meeting, psychiatrists would first interact and form a relationship with child before getting to the conclusion.

As children are all different, the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder in children will vary from one child to the next. However, in most conditions, you would be able to notice the following symptoms in OCD children.

  • Fears or Phobias
  • Extremely Picky about Being Clean and Organized
  • Any Form of Repetitive Action
  • Unnecessary Collection or Hoarding of Items
  • Constant Obsessive Thoughts
  • Always Rearranging Things to Form Unity or Balance

The symptoms described above are both obsessions and compulsions that children would experience on a constant basis. These conditions become sensible during the ages between five and thirteen, but it could go on past this age. Children would feel extremely isolated and unwanted during this period and may even resort to unethical relief patterns.

Obsessive compulsive disorder in children could be treated by a number of means without the use of any drugs, as parents don’t prefer that at all. Parents are very conscious about what they feed their children and a drug for the purpose of OCD relief is definitely not an option. Additionally, there are herbal and homeopathic remedies that helps with relieving obsessive compulsive disorder in children.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Children

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