Natural Herbal Remedies For Social Anxiety Disorder

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder?

Social anxiety disorder is a common condition that causes intense levels of fear and stress, especially when you’re faced with an anxiety prone situation. These situations could be as simple as small public presentations or meetings. Have you ever been through that feeling you get when you are about to speak in front of an audience or when you are about to perform in front of a large group of people? This is characterized as a form of anxiety, caused directly by the fear that develops in you, telling you that something might go wrong. Sometimes known as social phobia, this disorder is common in people of all ages and gender.

Social phobia has become quite common in many social situations such as public meetings, presentations and performances. People who often develop this disorder will have fear about what others may think or say about them. This in turn causes people to get anxious and show symptoms of this disorder. If the condition is left to sit without any form of treatment, it could get worse over time, especially when the individual is faced with similar social situations all the time. In some severe cases, it really becomes a serious issue as some anxiety prone individuals think about suicidal thoughts as well.

In diagnosing social anxiety disorder, a mental health professional would first want to see a full medical report, so that they could rule out all medical conditions. Although the condition remains to be quite predominant in adults; children have been known to suffer from similar anxiety disorders as well. Through successful diagnosis, you would be able to control the condition and possibly prevent it in the future. Getting the individual to interact with more social situations is a form of treatment, but it needs to be done with the help of a psychiatrist. Pressuring the individual to do something they don’t want to do would simply make things worse. Social anxiety is best treated through relaxation and cognitive behavioural therapy.

By knowing the symptoms of social anxiety disorder, you’d be able to tell whether you or someone else is suffering from this condition. Depending on the severity of the disorder, the symptoms will differ as well. If the individual is so tensed out, it could lead to them having a potential panic attack. The best way to prevent these unfortunate events from occurring is by following a dedicated treatment plan. Before we dive into the treatments for anxiety, let’s have a look at the following symptoms you may notice in someone,

  • Nervousness, Stress, Shakiness
  • Excessive Perspiration
  • Nausea, Diarrhea, Palpitations
  • Blushing
  • Anxiety when Talking to People
  • Performance Anxiety

Through cognitive behavioural therapy, people with this condition have been treated over periodic therapy sessions. When you see a psychiatrist for help with social anxiety disorder, they might advise you to follow relaxation and coping techniques as it allows you to understand the underlying cause of the condition. By learning how to cope with the side effects, you’d be able to better maintain and possibly prevent social anxiety disorder from reoccurring.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Social Anxiety Disorder

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