Natural Herbal Remedies For Tics

What Are Tics?

Tics are known as sudden involuntary agitations that someone makes for no real reason. These movements or sounds that an individual makes come about involuntarily and it certainly is uncontrollable. This uncontrollable condition is quite the embarrassment for some people and it could lead to social anxiety disorders as well as depression. Even though these quick involuntarily actions take place only for a few seconds, they still cause social embarrassment for some people. Much like how you feel right before a sneeze, people will feel just as much stress and tension in them right before it is about to happen. However, once the rapid motion has passed through, people experience a huge sigh of relief.

By looking at someone, you would never be able to tell whether they have this condition. However, by examining the types of rapid motions someone exhibits; you’d be able tell whether they do have the tics disorder. People who do suffer from this disorder don’t always experience the rapid motions, as it may come and go over time. The following are some of the things you would notice in someone with this condition,

  • Teeth/Tongue Clicking
  • Yelping
  • Jumping
  • Finger Fletching
  • Eye Blinking
  • Touching Objects/People
  • Throat Clearing/Coughing
  • Coprolalia

The condition could occur in both children and adults, but the cause is very much still unknown. However, through research it has been identified that they may be brought upon by genetics and your DNA structure. The disorder is categorized into two different classes as simple and complex, and the complex tics are what needs to be treated. If you notice the symptoms only once it may be a onetime thing, but if it persists over a prolonged period of time, it should definitely be brought to the attention of a medical professional. The disorder isn’t really diagnosed through a testing process as the symptoms would be enough in telling medical doctors about what the condition may be.

Depending on the severity of the tics, it may lead to injuries. When it comes to the complex form of this disorder, people have been seen jerking their head back and forth, and it could seriously cause some head or neck damage. A type of disorder that has been associated with these involuntary actions is known as Tourette’s syndrome. Tourette’s syndrome is characterized as a type of neurological condition causing people to exhibit uncontrollable repetitive actions or motions.

The primary issue with this condition is when children suffer from this condition, as it not only causes effects for the child, but it concerns and worries parents. If you have a child that may be suffering from this condition, you should try to accommodate with your child by making the appropriate changes at home. Teachers and parents need to be understanding of the condition, as it’s the only way to cope with the condition. In treating the disorder, you could use coping techniques and herbal remedies. Made with extracts from medicinal plants; an herbal remedy for tics may be just what you need in managing and curing the disorder.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Tics

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