Natural Herbal Remedies For Water Retention

What are the Causes of Water Retention?

Water retention is a condition where water content from the blood leaks into the tissue layers of the body. This is a completely normal bodily function which works in conjunction with the lymphatic system in our body. When there is excess water content in the body tissues, the lymph system is responsible for removing all the fluids in the tissue. However, in some people, the lymph system does not work as it should and this causes water content to build up in the tissue layers. The medical name for this condition is edema, and it usually occurs in people who experience weight gain, hypertension and menopause.

Some people who experience weight gain may not be experiencing it due to actual body mass gain, as it could be due to the extra fluid levels in the tissue layer. When water is retained in the tissue, it causes weight gain which is both visible and verifiable by measurement. However, the real issue here is that, most of the weight gain is brought upon by the large amount of water present in the body tissue.

By extracting all the water content in the tissue, you would actually notice a decrease in your weight. In diagnosing the condition, a doctor would have to know the symptoms you are experiencing. Additionally, a physical examination is needed to ensure that no other medical condition is causing adverse health effects. Knowing the symptoms of water retention is extremely important, especially when you need to meet with a medical professional to consult about your condition. The following are the symptoms you should be vigilant for,

  • Feelings of Puffiness in Feet
  • Stiff Joints, Pain in the Joints
  • Headaches, Heavy Breathing
  • Bloated Feeling, Weight Gain

There are several causes of water retention such as drug use, high sodium intake, warm weather, sunburn, pregnancy and menopause. When you eat foods that contain large amounts of sodium, it would cause water to be retained in the tissue layer. This directly causes weight gain in people who eat certain types of foods, such as processed foods. During weight loss, you also need to make sure that you do not lose or burn off lots of calories at once. When you burn a ton of calories at once, it may cause water to be retained in the body.

Warm weather, increased exposure to sun and sunburn all cause a certain degree of water to be retained in the body tissues. This is because, during warm weather conditions; the body has a harder time with removing fluids. In treating this condition, it is important to first treat the underlying problem. For some people, water may be retained in the body because they are expressing too much effort in terms of weight loss. In such cases, it is important to slowdown on weight loss, as it help decrease water retention levels in the body. There are an increasing number of people who have been moving towards natural treatment methods such as herbal remedies. If you want to effectively treat this condition, you should think about using herbal remedies for water retention.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Water Retention

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